1st XI record another win with first game on our No 1 pitch

HIBS, 1st XI 149/2 - 147/9 Tawa, 1st XI
07 Nov 2015 - 11:00HIBS No 1

CricHQ Scorecard

The boys were pretty excited to be playing their first home game of the season on their No 1 pitch, and the weather did not disappoint with a beautiful sunny day and unusually light winds  greeting everyone as they turned up to play.  The sight of the roller giving a last minute touch up to the pitch sent a shiver of excitement down the spine of the HIBS opening batsmen and they secretly prayed that Tyler would have better luck with the toss than he did the previous week against Scots.  Tyler returned from the toss 0 for 2 and gave the news that everyone expected,  Tawa had decided to bat first.

Tyler (7.0, 2, 24, 1) & Matt (10.0, 2, 20, 2) opened the bowling as usual, and proceeded to tie Tawa down with some extremely accurate bowling so that they had only 14 runs on the board after the first 10.  With Tyler feeling a bit stiff from a side strain, Ben Sears (10.0, 0, 38, 4) was brought into the attack in the 11th over resulting in the scalp of J Lewis with his 3rd ball. Lewis was clean bowled for a 30 ball duck.

The score continued to dawdle along with Tawa adding only another 24 runs for the next ten overs for the loss of J Maisuria (caught at short mid-wicket by Jesse) and C Rose (taken with a sharp catch by Caleb).  Tawa now had M Blair & M Fenton at the wicket and they proceeded to put on a decent partnership pushing the score to 90 in the 38th over when Blair was run out by Rachin off his own bowling.

With Blair gone, Tawa started to get the wobblies again and lost the services of M Ferrera for a duck (caught by Joe off Troy’s bowling) in the 41st, followed by A Mortimer & P Maisuria, both polled by Ben Sears in the 44th, also for no runs added.

Running out of partners and overs, Fenton began to put the foot down in partnership with T Waimotu, adding another 29 runs before Tyler claimed Waimotu’s wicket with a sharp catch taken by Troy.  Fenton continued to press and added another 12 runs after Waimotu’s wicket before HIBS struck again off Ben’s bowling.  K De Silva not waiting around for the umpire to send him after knicking out to the keeper.  Fenton kept going hard in the last over adding another 9 runs to Tawa’s total and ended up with a personal score of 64 runs.  More than half of  Tawa’s total runs scored from the bat.

With 147 runs to chase down HIBS knew that they would need to be disciplined in order to get the job done.  The HIBS openers, Sears & Ravindra, got the HIBS scoreboard ticking over quickly and at the end of the 5th over, were already at their 10 over target for the match.  The Tawa bowlers were not troubling either batsmen who batted sensibly, taking their opportunities when they arose and putting pressure on the Tawa field with some good running.

Sears helped kick the score along to 45 with a run a ball 22 before losing his wicket LBW to M Ferrera.  This brought Brad to the crease who didn’t waste any time in getting his innings going, helping Ravindra to put on a 71 run partnership before being dismissed in the 27th over with a loose shot, top edging to cover.

By the time Akshar strolled out to the crease, the job was basically done with only 30 runs required.  He supported Rachin perfectly, getting the opener onto strike more often than not, while at the same time helping himself to 9 unbeaten runs.  It was fitting that the man of the match scored the winning runs, with Rachin ending up on an unbeaten 79 including 7 fours. A majestic display of timing & technique throughout the innings with some beautiful shots played.

The win keeps HIBS in 2nd spot on the table, one win ahead of their next opponent, Onslow.  HIBS meet them in 2 weeks time at home again in a must win match to decide who goes up against St Pats Town in the final.  Here’s hoping the weather turns it on again and the boys continue to dominate out in the middle.

Special mention to Troy Johnson who scored his maiden century for Hutt Districts against the Wellington Under 19’s on Sunday.  Well done Troy!


You can view some of the action from the HIBS batting effort below.  Watch in awe as Sears smashes it over the boundary in the 5th over.  Witness some absolutely stunning stroke play from HIBS own little master.