HIBS Crush Rongotai College with another win in the NZCT qualifying rounds

HIBS, 9A 93/1 - 87/9 Rongotai College, J2
15 Dec 2015 - 12:00Fraser Park

CricHQ Scorecard

We want to bat first but too much disappointment we lose the toss and Rongotai College (RC) elect to bat. Everyone complains at Campbell (as he did the toss) and more at Fezz (Lima) for absolutely no reason. Soon we get into it, Campbell and Harry open up bowling. Campbell starts up and takes an easy caught and bowled wicket.  After some batsmen trying to ramp Campbell he puts a third man/ fly slip in soon to get a wicket. Finishing with 2 wickets for 24 runs in 5 overs. Watto the other opening bowler bowls many “Jaffas” as RC can’t play them and he soon picks up a well deserved wicket for his bowling finishing with 1 wicket for 11 runs off 5 overs getting a maiden amongst it.

 The next two up are Kahu and Kobe, Kahu bowling some incredible balls as the the pitch was so bouncy, with Kahu being savage he injured a batsman.  Other balls went straight through the batsmen and straight over the stumps, Kahu finishing with 1 wicket for 6 runs off 5 over with a really low economy of 1.2.  Kobe bowling one inch away from the stumps but some really good French cuts from the batsmen ended up getting him 0 wickets for 16 runs off 3 overs.  

Now the Fezz and Charlie coming into bowl, Charlie bowled exceptionally well but the batsmen did some “jammy” shots in between, bringing him figures of 1 wicket for 17 runs off 4 overs.  The Fezz was a beast and hard to be contained as he rampaged in with his bowling.  He started off with many dot balls, but dot balls wasn’t what we wanted, we wanted wickets so Fezz swapped sides to attack the stumps more, only to jump 1 metre before the crease and shouting “Oh God” probably putting the batsmen off and leading him to bowl a short slow ball only for the batsmen to nick it and Fezz to getting a wicket. Liam then got a second wicket caught by Jacob Yee, with figures of 2 wickets for 1 run off 4 overs.  

Cameron “Savage” Duffy and Luke Minihan then came on to bowl. Luke bowled extremely well getting 1 wicket for 0 runs off 2 overs. Cameron soon to be fizzed by everyone cheering him got the final wicket, finishing with 1 wicket for 9 runs off 3.1 overs, leaving RC 87-9.  The final RC batsman had retired hurt earlier and had gone home.

As Kevin read out the batting order, Nikunj and Gaz(Gerry) became fizzed as it was Gerry’s second ever time opening and being told to win the game before 18 over to get our net run rate higher than st pats stream, aka; being told to hit. As Gaz and Nikunj went in Gerry had full control over who was running as he had a rolled ankle leading us to only hit boundaries and making risky runs (misfields).   Gerry unluckily got bowled for Colin(Cole) to come in. More runs ticked over as more jammy singles were taken causing the bowler to become extremely salty and pick the ball up and throw it to the keeper and a defend from Nikunj.

Runs kept ticking over and once this new bowler came on, Nikunj was in delight. Cole played a classy shot through covers for four. As a wide was bowled their keeper missed it causing Nikunj to be on strike. First ball, SIX, as Nikunj Patel walked up to Cole saying “How about we finish this over?” Cole replying “Um Okay, let’s try”. We needed 13. Next ball, an attempt at a six gladly ending in 5 byes. SIX, two runs to win and Nikunj Patel on 47, SIX , leading Nikunj to get 54 off 31, Cole ,18 off 13 securing the team a win and crushing RC in 10 overs, great effort from the lads.

Match Report done by Nikunj Patel

63 62