Upper Hutt Cricket Club Year 7 & 8 Festival at Trentham Memorial Park

Upper Hutt Cricket Club are hosting a Year 7 & 8 Festival at Trentham Memorial Park (TMP) on Tuesday 29 November 2016.

HIBS will be entering three teams who will each play two T20 matches. The first game starts at 9.45am with the expected finish time being 2.30pm.

The three teams are as listed below and I will also put the team lists on the sports noticeboard on Monday.

Pool A: HIBS 1, HIBS 3, St Joseph’s 2 and St Brendan’s

Pool B: HIBS 2, Fergusson, Maidstone Intermediate, Fergusson Intermediate and St Joseph’s


Draw for HIBS Teams

Game 1 (9:45am)

HIBS 1 vs St Brendan’s : TMP 2 (Grass)

HIBS 2 vs Fergusson Int : TMP 3A (Artificial)

HIBS 3 vs St Joseph’s 2 : TMP 6 (Grass)

Game 2

HIBS 1 vs HIBS 3 : TMP 3a (Artificial)

HIBS 2 vs St Joseph’s 1 : TMP 2 (Grass)

HIBS 3 vs HIBS 1 : TMP 3A (Artificial)


Rules on the day

  • 20 over games
  • 5 overs will be bowled from one end at a time, then change of ends (speeds up the game)
  • Wides and No Balls – worth two runs
  • Bowlers allowed three overs maximum per game
  • Batters to retire when they reach 30 (or earlier at the coach’s call)
  • Retired batsmen may return if rest of the team is dismissed
  • One free run-out per innings, to encourage running between the wickets
  • Each team will be split into two pods of six.   Pod one will bat 1-6 in the first game and Pod two will bat 1-6 in the second game.



All players will come to school as normal for a roll call and will then transported down to TMP BY School van. I will be the staff member in charge and we have six senior students for our 1st XI & 2nd XI Teams who will be running teams of the day.

The boys need to bring their lunch and something to drink.  The boys will play in their HIBS PE top and white cricket longs.

If the weather is not looking good a decision will be made by 7.00am on Tuesday morning as to whether this Tournament will go ahead.  This will be published on the HIBS website.


HIBS Year 7 & 8 Sides for Tuesday 29 November

1 Daniel Ruscoe Archie Wilson Ben Press
2 Thomas Sexton Lachlan Bailey Kai Ferrier
3 Dev Bhatt Nate Kennerley Micah Shanks
4 Harry Watt Henry Beare Elliot Canton
5 William Spice Daniel Makowem Aryan Kamath
6 Noah Loubser Ben Wilson Rufus Rusholme Cobb
7 Joshua Young Siva Sriram Hamish Rowe
8 Harrison Andrew Sam Williamson Cody Arkinstall
9 Kyle Armstrong Reegan Kowalczyk Jackson Kennedy
10 Sam Evans Jacob Sutherland Charlie Baylis
11 Nathan Edmonds Mason Martin



Paul Brennan
Director of Sport

027 281 1628