HIBS CRICKET – We are underway for 2018/19!

With the winter codes winding down, the cricket season is just around the corner.

The HIBS Cricket Committee has been quietly working on setting HIBS up for the season ahead.  In January we welcomed Mark Borthwick to the HIBS Cricket Community. Mark joined HIBS as a Sports Coordinator and his passion and knowledge of the game is unparalleled.

Mark also joins the HIBS Cricket Committee as Club Captain.  Mark has been very busy putting together a cricketing programme to ensure continued participation and that both player and coach development flourishes.

The Committee’s role is to simply support Mark – to grow and develop cricket at HIBS, to create opportunities for players and coaches to be their best, to encourage participation and elite performance and to deliver a programme that has us competing at local, regional and national levels.

Mark recently hosted a planning session to discuss the upcoming season, our likely mix of teams, training schedules, coaching philosophies and the key tournaments for the year ahead.  This session was attended by coaches and was an opportunity to share ideas on the direction of each team, to discuss the upcoming challenges, issues, player selection and to essentially set the programme up.

Player selection is always a contentious issue.  With the full programme in mind, it was agreed we need to select players in each team to support:

  • A 1st  XI contesting National titles
  • A 2nd XI that is pushing for higher honours and is competing in the Premier 2 competition (The best Year 10A & Year 9A players will bolster this team)
  • A T20 social cricket competition for Year 11, 12 & 13, supported by local clubs.
  • A strong Year 10A team (Year 9A players to bolster)
  • Year 9A team (Last years winning 9B team will get a good stretch)
  • Building our base with a competitive Year 7/8 teams
  • Introduce a ‘lunch time’ tournament for Year 7

With the above in mind, the initial team selections for the season ahead have been announced and are posted on the school notice board.  A lot of thought has gone into these teams and the committee and coaches support Mark in his role as team selector.

Thank you for your help with coaching, managing, scoring, fundraising and for helping with away trips.  Let’s get behind HIBS cricket in 2018.