Stadium Bars

HIBS Cricket is fortunate to be on the roster to provide bar service at Westpac Stadium.  These events are used exclusively to fundraise for travel expenses for the boys.  We are required to provide approximately 10 staff for each event.  This is a great opportunity for parents (and boys aged over 16) to offset their upcoming travel costs.  HIBS receives a percentage of all sales, and this is then apportioned to all volunteers, in the form of a credit, based on the hours worked at the event.

When it comes time for our Treasurer to send Travel invoices out, she will take your credit into account, and discount your invoice accordingly.  The feedback from those that have worked at the stadium events has been very positive.  Great atmosphere and lots of laughs makes the event go fast.  If you know your son has some upcoming travel and you are keen to participate in these, please email Vicky Webster on

General Fundraising

Periodically we have other fundraising opportunities that arise.  If you are keen to be involved in fundraising events, or you have a great fundraising suggestion for the cricket committee, then please email Mel Sutherland on  She’d love to hear from you!